wolves in the woods

wolves howling

wolf howl

wolf dogs

wild dogs and wolves

stream with frog

mosq (Short)

grizzly bear

grand caribou

frog croaking

foxes braying

crickets at night

cobra hiss

brown bear

brar roar and scratch

bee (short)

bear growling

angry grizzly bear

St. Bernard

small dog

puppy crying

puppy bark

puppy bark (single)

litter of puppies

kittens crying

kitten needs attention

kitten cry

hound dog

growl kitten

growl dog

dog pound

dog lapping water

dog growl (single)

dog growl

dog growl

dog barking

crazy dog

cat shriek

cat meow

cat growl

cat cry

cat and kitten

cat (meow)

cat (long)


bldhound pack

big dog barking

big bark

baby kitten

waves and seagulls

sperm whale

more sperm whales

killer whales

humpback whale

herons and cranes

circus seal

baleen whale

young tiger

young elephant

tiger grumbling