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applause and low calls small interior crowd 6

applause ltpolitemedcrwd

applause ltpolitemedcrwd

applause medium

applause politecrowdlite

applause prescholassembly

applause short

applause short

applause smpolitecrowd

applause smpolitecrowd

applause woo hoo

single hand clap 10

single hand clap 5

small crowd clapping 3

thunderstorm 12

thunderstorm 13

thunderstorm 3

applause prescholassembly

applause preschoolcrowd

applause preschoolcrowd

applause short 2

applause small crowd

applause small interior crowd 1

applause small interior crowd 2

applause small interior crowd 5

applause smattering


applause very light 1

applause very light 2

applause woah

applause woo oo woo

bar crowd clapping 1

clapping long


crowd applause bar drunk girl yells

crowd applause outside 1

crowd cheers applause bar drunk

crowd sml applause interior lite golf clap

crowd sml applause interior med 1

crowd sml applause interior med 2

crowd sml applause interior med lite

crowd sml claps interior to the beat loose

crowd sml claps interior to the beat tight

crowd sml claps interior few awkward

four hand claps

reception 1

reception 2

short applause 1

single hand clap 1

single hand clap 2