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13 laser zap

21 laser zap

26 laser zap

36 laser zap

38 laser zap

army facility male countdown v1

artillery 1

artillery two shots 2

battering ram %28on wood door%29.wav

battlemodernwar s08wa 13

big bang explosion

cinematic drum hits war logo

civil war drums seamless loop

civil war drums stinger 02

flyover bombing.wav

future war drums loop 01

future war drums loop 02

game booster 2

game rocket launcher 2

grenade exploding.wav

grenade explosions 02

grenade launcher.wav

gunshot %28exterior%29 1

gunshot %28exterior%29 2

hand gun glock cock 5

handgun gunshot 2

handgun gunshots x 2

handgun gunshots x 3

helicopter 2

helicopters 1

high pitched gong

huge explosion 2.wav

huge explosion.wav

human crowdstudio 178

laser beams and bleeps

laser gun 1

laser gun 2

machine gun burst 3

poof explosion with shine 1

rifle gunshot %28exterior%29 1

rifle gunshot %28exterior%29 3

rifle shot sfx 3

sonar ping 01

sonar submarine ping loop 2

sword slash into flesh 1