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baby cry noise 03

crying female 2

game over 04

game over 16

game over 30

game show wrong answer fail 01

haunted organ failure 03

lose the game 01

negative game action hitv2

negative game hit 01


retro power down 04

slow choral voice blur

transition sad music ending 1

voice of the angels

woman crying human clip fx

woman crying sobbing 01

woman crying sobbing collection

baby crying

baby single cry 1

baby single cry 2

baby single cry 3

baby upset yell moan

baby upset yell

big exhale


creature large whines sad 1

creature large whines sad 2

creature troll whine sad

dark scape 2 stock minimal

dogs bull terrier

dogs mastiff

harmonica riff 10

human crowdstudio 143

sad trombone

sad trumpet

sobbing male 1

the spell of sadness

transition sad music ending 2

transition sad music ending 3