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amazing game award

amazing level complete

amazing magic explosion

bright chimes approved

bright chimes correct

bright chimes flute jingle

bright chimes notification ding

bright chimes open

bright chimes text alert

slow choral voice blur

spinning air machine loop

spirit monster of the dead planet

voice of the angels

weird drifting loop

bells of fascination

bright chimes gliss

deep buzz groove loop

dragon wizard spell

drippy kind of loop 140 bpm

electric laser pulsar loop 1

electric laser pulsar loop 2

electric laser pulsar loop 3

electro matrix loop 1

electro matrix loop 2

electro matrix loop 3

ethereal magic ambience

ethereal star rays

fantasy chime stinger

fantasy dungeon sliding movement

fantasy harp stinger

fantasy impact trailer 1

fantasy impact trailer 2

fantasy impact trailer 3

fantasy impact trailer 4

fantasy transition game fx

fantasy world reverb atmospherics

future fantasy machine loop

future scape 1

future scape 2

gathering magic

the genie appears

ghost of the future

ghosts in cyberspace

grainy magic motion loop

gust and glitch magic loop

hades 3000

hard to breathe

haunted carnival machine loop

heavy impacts a loop

heavy space metal transition