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air machine 1

alien bass

alien engine drone exterior hum 2

alien ship hum loop 2

alien warning 2

alien warning 2

alien warning 3

alien warning 4

alien warning 5

alien warning 6

ambient power down

bass warning 1

bomb explosion 03 dark and diffuse bomb explosion

bomb explosion 04 massive and dark bomb explosion

bomb explosion 12 massive dark bomb explosion

boom metal dark reverb 1

boom metal dark reverb 2

chill 1

cinematic room tone 50

cinematic transition 2

cinematic whoosh impact 07

crazy evil bass

creepy gong 1

creepy high 1

creepy high 2

creepy high 3

creepy high 4

creepy low 1

creepy low 1

creepy low 2

creepy vibration 1

crunchy dive 1

filter vox

fm power

forest 3

forest woodland ambience 2

forma sweep ambient

forma sweep b

forma sweep trancy

freaky noize 1

frequency bass

game booster 2

generator hum with screeches

ghost moandark 108

goblin fiends of the dark

groan from the crypt

haunted house door slam

hell voices deep

hell voices medium

high alien 1