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alien warning 2

alien warning 2

alien warning 3

alien warning 4

alien warning 5

alien warning 6

baby weird cry

creepy vibration 1

finger plastic squeal 1

finger plastic squeal 2

finger plastic squeal 3

finger plastic squeal 4

finger plastic squeal 6

finger plastic squeal 7

finger plastic squeal 8

funky piano loop 1

funky piano loop 3

funky piano loop 4

funky piano loop 5

futuristic robotic glitch element 05

high strange 1

horror bell 01

horror pack creepy noises

horror pack witches

mysterious magical harp

organic alien slurp machine

random data hiss

rising tension music box

scifi big brain 2

sinister breaths horror 02

sinister breaths horror 03

strange 1

a strange electronic 1

strange game hit

ufo strange launch

undead breathing

underwater element 02

underwater element 05

voice of confusion

war drums loop 06

arcade game strange animal

arcade game strange pulse delay

arrested space development

artificial popping sfx

astral space motion

astral time warp jump

backward electronic vacuum

blood suckers

broken bleep warble

broken down tape recording