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60s sci fi effect

mystical sparkle fantasy transition

black hole a constant state of limbo

destination space

drone the outer realms

at the end of the universe

escape from the wormhole

flashy gordon

flying pan space transition

fragmented future wave

future communicator device

future down on earth

future factory

galaxy transition 1

galaxy transition 2

galaxy whoosh faint

galaxy whoosh strong

the gates of infinity

industrial alien ambience

intergalactic space transmission

planet reverb ambience

satellite of the sentinel

scanning the future

sci fi noise stream 2 loop friendly

sci fi pad 1

sci fi radiowaves

science fiction black hole

sky walker

the stars of galileo 1

the stars of galileo 2

sub bass subspace

taken by the wormhole

a tarian wormhole

through the telescope

transition dark metal future

a vulgar display of future power

where off earth are we