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future firearm

future slingshot

abstract machine noise

airy magic spell cast

alien warning 4

angelic riser whoosh 04

angelic riser whoosh 05

cello in space

check out my magnetic powers

flying a good old saucer

future dragon warcry

future flight motor engines

future interference drone

future vroom 11

future war drums loop 01

future war drums loop 02

futuristic machine power down

game over robot voice

game rocket launcher 2

groans from a dying planet

hand gun glock cock 5

harsh laser swoosh 04

horror transition 20

hyperspace engines fail

laser beam noise 02

laser beam power up 02

laser beams and bleeps

laser future beam bubbles

laser little zap

laser musket shot

laser scatter shot 05

laser zap pulse wobble

mr robot frenzy

mystical sparkle fantasy transition

nightmare beast roar 01

nightmare beast roar 03

organic alien slurp machine

robot factory pack

robot metal circuits

robot transformer accent

robot voice says 9

science fiction laser activate 2

science fiction laser forcefield

scifi big brain 2

slow choral voice blur

spaceship soft passing rumble

spaceship teleport charging

spirit monster of the dead planet

splat light saber hits alien

ufo strange launch