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60s sci fi effect

alien interference logo



atmospheric choir drone

atmospheric choir transition

atmospheric choir transition

big dinosaur yell

bubble pop attention

bubble pop delay

bubble pop ding

corpse drop za01 166

countdown beep tones 2

countdown beep tones 3


forceshield energy

future vroom 11

future war drums loop 01

future war drums loop 02

gross slime squelch

hand pound on door za01 332

heart beats fast loop 1

heart beats fast loop 2

heartbeat one shot human 2

horror human slow breathing rubber mask 01


knife slice face za02 358

logo reveal 1

low pitched emergency alarm %28get out now%29

machine powering up and then running

musicalpiano 149

mysterious bells transition

news broadcast tv za02 408

news broadcast tv za02 409

orchestral scary impact 2

piano high cluster 1

piano high cluster 2

piano high creepy 1

piano high creepy 2

piano high creepy loop

piano highest note loop

piano highest note

piano low bang 1

piano low bang 2

piano low bang 3

piano low bang 4

piano low cluster 1

piano mid cluster 1

piano mid cluster 2

piano mid cluster 3