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battering ram %28on wood door%29.wav

high pitched gong

huge explosion 2.wav

huge explosion.wav

tamborine roll

bass drum hit

battering ram breaking through large door.wav

cups crashing on floor %28with heavy reverb%29

cups crashing on floor

deep thudd

evil crash 1

flunky impact decay

frightening cymbal stab 1

frightening cymbal stab 2

frightening cymbal stab 3

hard thudd on broken glass.wav

heavy glass and metal impact short crash

heavy impact bang thud thud

heavy rippled impact

heavy wooden hit

high pitched timpani roll

hit and whack double impact

hitmetallic 96

hits knocking shop

impact and echo fast

impact growl

impact just feel it

impact thin and metallic

repetitive impact echo

resonant strike

rim hit fast echo

sharp metal hit with echo

sharp reverb bounce hit

short and grainy impact

a short sharp shock

smashes and crashes 1

tamborine hit

thud reverberating impact

tin impact with echo

weird bounce impact

wet flanger strike

wooden tap