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cannonfire s08wa 102

cinematic transition 2

cinematic whoosh impact 07

firework bang with cheering 1

firework display 1

firework display 2

firework display 4

firework display 7

firework finale with orchestra 1

fireworks multiple explosions

fireworks in neighborhood 1

fireworks in neighborhood 1

fireworks rocket launching

fireworks wow rocket whoosh

grenade exploding.wav

grenade explosions 02

grenade launcher.wav

grenadeexplosion s08wa 220

grenadelauncher s08wa 232

hit a

horror crash explosion

horror transition 20

horror whoosh trailer hit 03

huge explosion 2.wav

huge explosion.wav

impact lightning

impacts digiscream

impacts drop lfe 2

impacts slam

lightningbolt s08wt 19

lightningbolt s08wt 21

lightningbolt s08wt 22

load explosion indoors very reverberant

lofi explosion

mulitple fireworks 1

mulitple fireworks 2

multiple fireworks with crowd 1

musket fire 2

musket fire 2

musket fire 3

poof explosion with shine 1

rifle shot sfx 3

rise to nothing

runway warning shot 1

sci fi blast 02

sci fi blast 03

sci fi blast 11c

sci fi explosion 306

sfxbible 00511

short dark explosion