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airy magic spell cast

alien engine drone exterior hum 2

alien ship hum loop 2

alien technology machine loading screen

alien technology machine loading screen touch echo

alien warning 4

ambience battle field earth

body scan

busy museum ambience 1

cinematic drum hits war logo

cinematic room tone 50

cinematic transition 2

computer calculation notificaiton 3

computer digital technology chirps 2

film atmosphere creepy chimes

flying martian monster

future flight motor engines

futuristic machine power down

futuristic robotic glitch element 05

generator hum with screeches

groans from a dying planet

harsh laser swoosh 04

haunting chimes trailer hit

horror swell spiritual power conjure swirl science fiction space whoosh 01

horror swirl dark science fiction space whoosh flange 02

horror swirl dark science fiction space whoosh solar flare 01

horror swirl ghostly airy science fiction space whoosh 02

horror transition 20

hydraulic alien noise

lair of the lunar monster

laser beam noise 02

laser beam power up 02

laser future beam bubbles

laser glitch heaven

laser gun 12

laser little zap

laser musket shot

laser wave pulse and sparkle

laser zap pulse wobble

museum ambience 3

museum ambience 3

mystical sparkle fantasy transition

robot factory pack

robot transformer accent

sci fi airburst 5

sci fi airlock 15

sci fi airlock 17

sci fi alarm 39

sci fi alarm 47

sci fi beepbutton 140