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babylon bus 2

bus idle 1

bus idle 2

buss drives off 1

city traffic friday night

helicopter huey hovering

lift travel 1

quick luggage zip

short cart roll 2

shuttle bus 1

steam train narrow gauge railway 2

take me to your leader teleport

teleportation device

time travel space whoosh 2

tokyo train

tokyo train station 1

traffic bridge wood 3

train carriage ambience loop friendly sfx

train conductor whistle

train station announce 1

train station announce 2

train station announce 3

train station announce 5

ufo strange launch

babylon bus 1

babylon bus 3

bus 01

bus pulls up 1

bus station asia

bus stop 1

city traffic sirens buses cars

escalator travel

ferry 01

ferry 02

ferry announcement

ferry people talking loop

ferry stop

funicular interior

helicopter exterior %28loop%29

inside the darkship

powerful space engines

presence of the ufo

saloon car interior travel 1

saloon car interior travel 2

san franciso cable car bell

san franciso cable car bell stop

san franciso cable car pass 2

san franciso cable car pass 3

short cart roll 1

short luggage roll 1